The most up to date COVID-19 rules at Portland Community Squash. 


May 24, 2021




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May 24, 2021

Permitted Visitors

  • Members and Guests that have a Club Locker reservation and are not on the Unpermitted Visitors list

Unpermitted Visitors​

  • Spectators and visitors without a Club Locker reservation

  • Youth under 13 years old, unless the youth is accompanied by an adult or registered for a youth program

  • Anyone who tested positive or had exposure to an infected person in the last 14 days

  • Anyone who feels unwell 

    • Common Symptoms Include: fever or chills, cough or sore throat, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, ​congestion or runny nose not caused by allergies, and nausea or diarrhea

  • All vulnerable individuals are advised to continue to shelter in place

    • Vulnerable individuals are defined as elderly individuals or anyone with underlying health conditions, including but not limited to, high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma or other autoimmune disorders, and those whose immune system is compromised by chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Furthermore, those persons who live with a vulnerable individual should be equally cautious to prevent introducing an illness into the home inadvertently.

Visitor Conduct

  • Only visit PCS if you have a reservation on

  • Visitors should not enter before the court reservation time

  • Before you arrive:​

    • Put on your mask

    • Bring a full water bottle - water fountains are closed

  • ​Arrival at PCS:​

    • Enter the building and check-in on iPad

  • While at PCS:

    • Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times in the common areas of the facility

      • Face masks should cover an individual's mouth and nose 

    • Hallway bathrooms will be available for changing for unvaccinated members

    • Locker rooms are open for vaccinated members

    • Social distancing is required between visitors

    • Hand sanitation will be provided throughout the facility

    • All visitors must remain in their assigned space unless using the bathroom or filling water

Playing Squash:

  • Unvaccinated members can play solo or with members of their household unit or pod while wearing a mask

  • Vaccinated members can play with their pod or any other vaccinated members, mask-free

  • Eye protection are required on court

  • Please keep bags and belongings on the court

  • Do not leave the court during the session, unless to use the bathroom or filling water bottle

  • Visitors should sanitize their hands every time they leave the court

Masks on Court:

  • Unvaccinated players will still wear masks on court. Masks are known to significantly reduce the number of viral particles released into the air. 

  • Cloth face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are acceptable. Tight-fitting or N95 masks are not recommended to be used during play due to the increased probability of breathing issues. Masks have the potential to fog glasses but it is possible to wear normal eyewear if you fit or tape your mask correctly. Using face shields instead of goggles will reduce fogging - for sale in the pro shop.

  • The CDC cautions that people engaged in high-intensity activities may not be able to wear a mask if it causes difficulty breathing. If unable to tolerate a mask people may not be able to return to play safely at this time. If you exhibit any unusual symptoms such as feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or developing shortness of breath you should stop immediately. Any player with an underlying cardiac or respiratory condition should discuss returning to play with their primary care provider. Any player who has anyone in the home with underlying health problems is cautioned against playing at this time.


  • Visitors can reserve the cardio area, the weight gym, and the outdoor area on Club Locker

  • Vaccinated visitors do no need to wear a mask, while unvaccinated players must continue to wear a mask

  • Please wipe down your equipment after use


  • The locker room may be freely used by vaccinated members

  • Unvaccinated members must use hallway bathrooms


  • Masks are not required if vaccinated (please continue to wear a mask if unvaccinated)

  • Reserve Pickleball on Club Locker


Sanitization Protocols:

  • PCS staff will sanitize high-touch areas throughout the facility every hour

  • PCS staff will wear masks at all times, except when in their personal offices

  • PCS staff will clean the classrooms, yoga studio, and common areas before students rotate between activities

COVID Symptoms, Close Contact, Positive Tests:

  • Symptoms: Anyone reporting symptoms of COVID-19 should not visit PCS until they have a negative COVID test and at least 2 days with no symptoms
    • If a student is at PCS when symptoms occur, the student will be isolated outside or in the Executive Director's office until picked up by a guardian​
  • Contact: Anyone who had close contact with a COVID-19 positive person should quarantine for at least 10 days without symptoms

  • Positive: Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should not visit PCS until they have two negative COVID tests and wait at least 14 days since the symptoms appeared before returning to the Portland Community Squash facility

Communicating COVID Positive Cases

  • If PCS learns of a COVID positive test, PCS will cooperate with State Contact Tracing to ensure that everyone that was within close contact of the COVID positive person is notified

  • PCS will not share the name of the COVID positive person



April 20, 2021

Extend Play to Pods/Trusted Households​


Beginning on March 15, 2021 members will be allowed to form pods/trusted households that include up to four trusted households. Pods/trusted households will be required to sign an acknowledgment form. 


  • Households are defined as "all persons sheltering together for more than 14 days​."

  • Pods/trusted households combine up to four households into one trusted pod.

  • All members of a pod/trusted household should understand the elevated risks of expanding their close contact circle, and by signing the acknowledgment form, the members of each household in the pod accept all liability.

  • Pods/trusted households can be dissolved at any time, but there is a 10 day single household period before joining a new pod/trusted household.

Extend Play to Vaccinated Individuals


Beginning on April 20, 2021, vaccinated individuals can use the indoor areas (courts, gyms, and locker rooms) with individuals from their own household, individuals within their documented PCS pod, or other vaccinated individuals that have signed this declaration. All vaccinated players looking to play with other vaccinated individuals must sign the vaccination declaration below:





All Visitors Sign



Rules by Program




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