Rally Portland

After participating in at least one season of the Junior Squash League, youth players can apply and tryout to join Rally Portland. Selection criteria includes students who demonstrate the following: a high level of respect, effort, and positivity, eagerness to learn and improve academic skills, aspiration to attend college after high school, and desire to be a leader at PCS and in their school, city, and community.

Youth participants in the Rally Portland program receive support from middle school to college graduation, and beyond. In addition to participation in all three seasons of the Junior Squash League, Rally Portland participants make an annual commitment to attend all academic support and enrichment sessions, additional squash practices, summer programming, and frequent weekend travel opportunities, such as field trips, squash tournaments, and college campus visits. Rally Portland will be a NUSEA (National Urban Squash + Education Association) sanctioned program, with an emphasis on supporting students in Portland Public Schools ​with limited access to after-school programming and enrichment opportunities.