Rally Portland is a youth development and post-secondary preparation program at Portland Community Squash for youth in the Portland Public Schools; sixth graders from our partnership with LearningWorks are invited to apply and tryout. Selection criteria includes students who demonstrate the following: a high level of respect, effort, and positivity; eagerness to learn and improve academic skills; aspiration to attend post-secondary education after high school; the desire to be a leader at PCS and in their school, city, and community; academic, social-emotional, and/or extracurricular need. Participants in Rally Portland receive support from sixth grade through post-secondary education, and beyond. Participants make an annual commitment to attend all squash practices and matches, academic support and enrichment sessions, summer programming, and frequent weekend travel opportunities, such as field trips, squash tournaments, college campus visits, and community engagement projects.

Rally Portland is an accredited member of the Squash + Education Alliance. As a member of SEA, Rally Portland is an official part of a network of 25 nonprofit organizations in the United States and abroad that together serve more than 2,500 students. SEA member programs employ more than 200 staff members in 23 U.S. cities and have a combined annual operating budget of more than $17 million. 95% of students who remain in SEA's U.S.programs through high school continue their education, and one-third attend colleges or universities ranked in the top 100 in the country.