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Social Justice at PCS

Over the past week, we have witnessed many acts of courage and leadership from members of the PCS community. Students sharing their truths, families protesting in the streets, staff improving the organization, and supporters becoming stronger allies. Our community is not divided on racial equity - Black Lives Matter. When our community is aligned, we accomplish our goals. To our entire community: let's go to work for the voices that have gone unheard for too long. Below, read a text message from a PCS student and our plan for social justice.

Forward, together,

Barrett, Executive Director

"Hello, my name is Mallori, a 14 year old that has been witnessing and following everything that has been happening. It has been heartbreaking to see people beaten, maced, framed, shot, and killed over pigment of skin. It has been hard growing up as kids seeing this and not being heard. If you hear me, I want my friends to feel safe and to just live with pride. I want to live in a world where we can trust our protectors and our laws. I stand with BlackLivesMatter because for All lives to matter we have to include that EVERYONE will be safe and not oppressed."

Mallori, Eighth Grader


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