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"The rapid growth, success and impact of this program on the community is astonishing. This model is something for us all to strive for." Elizabeth

"The work you are doing is inspiring, please keep it up. I also urge the greater squash community to get onboard." Busani

"A great program! My son loves this place and looks forward to going all the time!" Cheyenne

The diversity of youth, ideas, and culture at PCS coupled with the health and wellness-focused atmosphere provides a great community for our family. The integration of youth of all backgrounds promotes greater understanding and breaks down artificial divides that are often constructed in society. PCS is truly a bright spot in Portland, that has been doing the hard work that is needed so that all youth can realize their potential, and have great fun while doing so! Gayl


Dr. Fiona Hill

Sr. Fellow Brookings Institution - Center on the US & Europe


Carol Graham

Sr. Fellow Brookings Institution - Global Econ & Development

"PCS offers life changing opportunities for young people from all backgrounds to acquire and develop skills and friendships, as well as build new social contacts and community networks for themselves and their parents. The PCS model is now being scaled up around the country. It provides important lessons on how to achieve concrete results through long-term sustained investment in the next generation’s well-being and education, and by emphasizing diversity and inclusion."

"Good luck!" Brenda

"Looking forward to getting the community more involved!" Bill

"PCS is the best community enrichment program. Every city should have one. Portland is very luck." Chris

"PCS is a wonderful pillar of the community. It helps bring people together to make positive change and is just plain fun to be a part of!" John

"Current UMO grad student and former Portland resident who post studies is hoping to come back to a stronger and more vibrant Portland! This project should help with that dream." Lucas

"PCS provides our students with opportunities that far surpass simply honing their athletic skills. PCS provides our students with academic support and planning, prioritizing and appreciating wellbeing, a community of positive peer support, and much more. PCS has increased access for students from a variety of backgrounds and truly considers and cares for the whole young person. PCS should be commended for not just talking about equity but putting into action! PCS ROCKS!" Catherine

"What PCS has done is remarkable. What it aims to do is remarkable. It's a model for community projects across the country and its impact is exceptional." Will

"Community development can be a cliche, but PCS is the truest example I have seen and been a part of. I feel I am not just a club member, but rather a part of an exciting opportunity project. I fully endorse the coming project and support Barrett, the PCS staff and board." Richard

"Portland Community Squash is a welcoming space and a catalyst for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Greater Portland." Stefanie

"PCS is my family’s second home, with the entire team’s help, As an immigrant we felt included and welcomed. Even out of state, we are still connected." Aimee

"I've worked with PCS for years via Camp Bishopswood. PCS does incredible work both locally and continuing outreach with its families even if they move away. I am happy to personally endorse this project." Stephen

"PCS is a fabulous community!" Sarah

"Portland Squash is an amazing resource in our community and a great partner to our Portland Public Schools." Xavier

"Fully support!" Charlie

​"Great vision and thorough communication - this is an exciting time to be part of the PCS community!" Adam

"Awesome." Chris

"What a profound impact your organization has on our community. Having worked with/been proximate to other community squash programs it is easy to see how influential they can be in changing communities and lives. Keep up the great work!" Jack

"Barrett and the PCS team are the perfect balance of commitment, clarity of purpose, kindness and fun- and all for such a great mission." Mac

"As a teacher in the Portland Public Schools I have seen first hand the wide reaching impact that PCS has had for my students. They feel connected, empowered, championed and positive. PCS has quickly become a vital part of our small city!" Nancy

"Can't wait to see the work being done and maybe some dubs soon!?" Zachary

"Working at PCS has allowed me the chance to meet students from an array of backgrounds who teach me new things daily and share their stories with me. Plus, my pup Pushkin is so deeply loved here that it makes me feel even more connected to this community." Macy

"Such an empowering opportunity for students and community members!" Calvin

"PCS has played a big part in who i am right now ever since I met Barrett. Him, the staff, and the people I've met along the way have truly made a huge impact. They held my hand when I didn't know I needed it. As a first generation student, a lot goes on in my mind but if I hadn't decided to choose to play squash, I wouldn't be as confident about myself nor my future." Auxane

"Wow! What a fantastic expansion of an already awesome space! Kudos to Barrett and all the staff for making PCS such a special place for all." Allegra

"As a Portland Public Schools employee I know many students who access this program, it is vital and an important component of meeting our equity goals." Maureen

"PCS is doing so much great work for the kids in our community. PCS also offers a great space for adults to find a new sport they can play for their entire lives. It's given me a space to engage with a diverse group of people who I simply would not run into on a daily basis if it did not exist." Craig

"PCS is an amazing organization that I hope we can continue to grow." Andrew

"I served at PCS as an AmeriCorps member this past year and saw just how important the physical space at PCS is to not only the kids we work with, but even more so, their families. As someone who has first hand seen the relationships and connection's that have been built here, I believe that if PCS had the ability and capacity to open up the space for each and every family as a whole, we would see a surge in our 3 principles, respect, effort, and positivity. If anyone can make this happen, PCS is the place to do it." Maggie

"I support PCS’s next steps without reservation personally & professionally. One of my children participated in PCS programming & I know how much she loved it and gained from that experience. I am also a social worker in Portland Schools and I cannot express enough the need for the programming, transportation, scholarships and integration of whole families and communities that PCS provides." Susan

"REP the shield! Let's do this, team!" Tracie

"You're doing great work! What's more important than this?" Graham

"After working at PCS for almost a year, I can confidently say that it's my second Portland home!" Kelsey

"I have the pleasure of watching this community grow from the YMCA days to today. I love walking in and finding myself surrounded by so many diverse and amazing humans. I love being at PCS and I am so excited about the Commons project which will serve to bring even more fantastic folks through the doors of PCS." Brooke

"PCS had an amazing impact on my high school experience, and its amazing to see how far the passionate folks at PCS has made their squash and community programs grow. I love PCS!!" Callum

"Can't wait to be a part of building a better community space in the heart of Portland!" Lucas

"Super impressed and inspired by what you are doing in Portland. Hoping we can follow suit by bringing the community squash model to life in Cincy. This is important work. Keep rockin'!" Leah

"PCS is real asset to our community and neighborhood." Paul

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