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100 Scholarships Video

Portland Community Squash (PCS) makes a formal commitment to each student from 10 - 25 years old. Many PCS students will remain active in the PCS community their entire lives. We are ideally positioned to leverage our facility, adult community, and curriculum to close the opportunity gap in our schools and the income gap in our city, one student at a time. Our focus has turned to sustaining our culture of excellence for generations.

One student at a time also means one scholarship at a time. PCS is inviting friends, families, individuals, companies, and teams to name the 100 scholarships at Portland Community Squash. By creating pay-as-you-go or single-gift scholarships, PCS will reach full-financial sustainability for our youth programs. Junior Squash League Scholarships and Rally Portland Scholarships support one student for the seven years they are in the program. Scholarships must be renewed every seven years. Donors hear from the scholarship recipient quarterly.

Download The Campaign for 100 Scholarships Flyer here.

See The Campaign for 100 Scholarships Progress here .